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Infrared Model Train Detection

An easy to use control system for model railroad grade crossing signals and layout automation

  • IR Train Detectors: Infrared proximity sensors for detecting model trains on the track. May be used as a reflective detector (sensors in the roadbed) or as an interrupt detector (sensors look across the track).

    Automatically align switches, activate crossing signals and animated accessories.

    Sensors can be used with the room lights on or off, no overhead light sources required. More...

MRD8 8-way IR train detector -- eight infrared model train sensors in one circuit. Put train spotters everywhere on your layout! Details...
reflective detection
beam interrupt
across the track(s) detection
Current Sensing Train Detectors: For DCC (digital) layouts, current sensing block occupancy detection that does not inflict a voltage loss to the track.
Model DBD dual block detector has two detection circuits on one circuit card and monitors two track blocks. Two current sensing coils are separate from the circuit board so you do not have to re-route your track feeder wires. More...
current sense coils
  • Crossing Signal Controllers: Signal controllers with flasher circuits to operate grade crossing signals from any era, wig wags to four quadrant gate systems. May be used with all types of signal wiring - common anode LEDs, common cathode LEDs, back-to-back LEDs or incandescent lamps.

    Adaptable to many grade crossing configurations. The system can expand as your layout grows.

    Flasher circuit automatically adapts to the crossing signal lighting configuration, no manual setup or programming required. Expansion modules allow the crossing signal to protect any number of parallel tracks. More...

2 quadrant gates
2 quadrant gates
BLMA searchlight signal
tunnel light? Tunnel occupancy detector:
Is that a light at the end of the tunnel, or... ?
Our MRD6T HexDetex™ uses four or six infrared sensors to signal whether your tunnel or other hidden track is occupied or clear.  More...
  • Automated trains for exhibits and displays: Create an eye-catching model railroad display with two or three trains running on the same track. Ideal for educational displays and public exhibits.

    A back-and-forth track is often part of a railroad diorama or layout. A street car, commuter train or switch engine automatically runs back and forth on a point-to-point track, adding motion and interest without needing an operator's attention.

    Enhance the visual effect by running not just one, but two or three trains with Azatrax train detectors and exhibit controllers. More...

4-way back-and-forth
two trains on one loop
Exhibit Layouts
  • Automated reversing tracks: Reverse loops increase your model railroad layout's operational interest and flexibility. But with two-rail track, particularly with traditional DC power, reversing tracks are a wiring challenge and an operator's nuisance.

    Here's how to automate the operation of your reversing loops. More...

railroad reverse loop
Reversing Loop
  • Relays: For a century relays were the 'building blocks' of railroad signal switching circuits. Even today, a relay is a simple, robust component for basic circuit switching.
    Azatrax relays are designed for ease of use:
    • Printed circuit base for easy mounting
    • Screw terminals for wire connections
    • Built-in flyback voltage protection
    • On-board LED indicator (standard relays only)
DPDT relay with screw terminals
standard DPDT relays
latching relay with screw terminals
DPDT latching relays
SSR6 relay module
Solid state relays

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