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Train Bell, Strobe Light or Beacon Pulser

 Railroad Bell Sound Effects Circuit

Want to add real bell sounds to your model railroad train crossings? This circuit pulses an ordinary doorbell to produce a real metal 'ding-ding-ding' sound. You choose the bell from your local builders supply or hardware store that is most to your liking. The MRB2 Pulser will ring it at the rate and intensity you set.

 Flashing Beacon or Strobe Light Circuit

Antenna towers, smoke stacks, aircraft beacons, lighthouses and other tall structures are equipped with bright strobe lights as a warning to ships and aircraft. You can produce the same effect on your tall model structures with LEDs or incandescent bulbs and the MRB2 Pulser. Adjustable flash rate and duration, the MRB2 has two selectable modes:
  • Bell/Strobe for quick, brief flashes
  • Soft Beacon for gradual fading on/off effect
(LEDs not included).
pulser circuit

Installation instructions PDF

  • Pulses a DC load (bell, LED lights, etc.) up to 1.2 amps
    • Always use a series resistor with LEDs (not included)
  • Pulse rate adjustable from 4 per second to once every 4 seconds (Bell/Strobe mode) or 2 per second to once every 8 seconds (SoftBeacon mode)
  • Adjustable pulse duration/intensity
  • Remote on/off control
  • Compact size: 1.7 x 1.4 x 0.65 in.
  • Power required: 8 to 16 volts AC or DC, at least 500 milliamps continuous current (will vary depending on the type of bell or number of lamps)
  • PS906 power adapter works well for LEDs and common low voltage (AC or DC) door bells
  • Bell and lights not included
Sample bell sounds (MP3 files):
MRB2 Pulser  $24.00

American Flyer® crossing signal blinker circuit

American Flyer crossing
  • Produces a 'clickety-clack' rhythm that mimics the pulses made by vintage American Flyer® trains with the number 696 track trip.
  • Pulsing rate and intensity are manually adjustable
  • To replace an old track trip requies the MRB2-AF pulser circuit and a remote on/off control, such as:
  • Compact size: 1.7 x 1.4 x 0.65 in.
  • Power required: 12 to 16 volts AC or DC, such as your transformer's accessory power terminals
  • Bell and lights not included
MRB2-AF signal blinker with Flyer clickety-clack rhythm $24.00
American Flyer® is a registered trademark of Lionel, LLC

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