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Tortoise™ Switch Machines and Linkage Kits

Use these geared DC stall motors to raise and lower crossing gates and to throw track switches with realistic speed slow motion.

Tortoise™ switch machine

Tortoise™ slow motion switch machine
• Circuitron part no. 800-6000
• Includes DPDT auxiliary contacts
• Use with any scale
• 5 - 12 volts DC
• Compatible with MRD2 Automatic Turnout Controller
• Download Tortoise installation instructions here [pdf]
• Made in USA

Tortoise™ Motor
$17.50 each
Tortoise switch machine
Circuitron Tortoise™ switch machine
Use a 2-LED signal to show the position of your switch points.
Click here for an easy solution.
See the crossing gates installation examples to see how to raise and lower crossing arms using a Tortoise™ switch machine.

  Tortoise™ Remote Signal Activator (RSA)
  Slow vertical motion for animated accessories
• Circuitron part no. 800-8100
• Remote mounting bracket & mechanism for Tortoise™ motor
• Cable actuation for one crossing gate, semaphore or other accessory with vertical motion.
• Easy precise adjustment of stops
• Download RSA installation instructions here [pdf]
• Tortoise™ motor not included (see above)
Tortoise vertical actuator kit
Tortoise™ Remote Signal Activator (vertical motion)

Circuitron Remote Signal Activator
$12.20 each

  Tortoise™ 2nd Cable & Actuator
• Circuitron part no. 800-8101
• Use with Remote Signal Activator kit above to operate a second crossing arm with one Tortoise™ motor
• Easy precise adjustment of stops
extra actuator
Tortoise™ Add-on Cable & Actuator

Circuitron Add-on Cable & Actuator
$6.50 each

See the crossing gates installation examples to see how to raise and lower crossing arms using a Tortoise™ motor.

  Remote Tortoise™ Mount
  Slow horizontal motion for turnout points where there is no room to place the Tortoise™ motor directly below the switch points.
• Circuitron part no. 800-6100
• Remote mounting bracket & mechanism for Tortoise™ switch machine.
• Cable actuator for one turnout or other accessory with horizontal motion.
• Download remote Tortoise™ installation instructions here [pdf]
• Tortoise™ switch machine not included (see above)
Tortoise horizontal actuator kit
Tortoise™ remote turnout control (horizontal motion)

Circuitron Remote Tortoise Mount
$12.20 each

Tortoise™ wiring aid

• Two-circuit and 12-circuit Euro-style terminal blocks
• Simplifies wiring Tortoise switch machines, signals and layout accessories
• White nylon housing, easy to saw to custom length
• Accepts wire sizes up to AWG 12
• Rated for up to 20 amps per circuit

terminal blockTortoise™ switch machines are known for smooth operation and reliability. The one complaint we've heard is that it's difficult to connect wires to the Tortoise. It is awkward to solder wires while crouched under your layout.

Some layout builders have used circuit board edge connectors with varying degrees of success. The trouble with edge connectors is that you still have to solder wires to the connector, and this has to be done under the layout.

Our preferred way to wire a Tortoise™ motor is to:
• On the workbench, solder short wires to the Tortoise
• Place a terminal block under the layout near the planned motor location
• Mount the Tortoise according to instructions.
• Connect to the layout wiring via the terminal block

You still have to solder wires to the switch machine, but it is done safely at your workbench. All under-layout wiring is done with a screwdriver.

Euro-style terminal blocks
Number of circuits

Tortoise™ and the turtle logo are registered trademarks of Circuitron, Inc., Romeoville, IL

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