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Regulated DC plug-in power supplies

DC power supply
slim plug-in adapter


Plug-in 'wall wart' power adapters.

Filtered and regulated DC output, voltage stays the same no matter how the load changes.

Excellent power supply for all Azatrax electronic circuits and for your electronics projects.

Enough current capacity to power detectors, signal controllers and over 30 pairs of alternately flashing LEDs or 10 pairs of grain-of-wheat incandescent bulbs from a single supply.

Power-on indicator light.

Self-resetting over-current protection.

Wire leads, 5 ft. (150 cm) length.

Slim design, fits nicely on a power strip.

PS906  $9.50
9 volts
0.65 amp (650mA) max

PS1206  $9.50
12 volts
0.60 amp (600mA) max


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