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How to wire Azatrax model train detectors as inputs to Märklin or Viessmann s88 feedback decoders.

Azatrax infrared train detectors can easily be wired as inputs to a Marklin 6088, Viessmann 5217 or similar s88 system feedback decoders. This allows the s88 system to respond when a train arrives at particular locations on the layout. By using infrared train detectors, no modifications to the track or rolling stock are necessary.
MRD1, MRD2 and MRD8 train detectors are wired to the s88 feedback decoder in the same way as push buttons or magnetic reed switches.
This schematic diagram shows an Azatax MRD1 single infrared train detectors connected to input 1, and an MRD2 dual detector connected to inputs 15 and 16.
marklin s88 input wiring

  • Connect the s88 decoder common terminal to the QC terminal of each MRD1 or MRD2 detector.
  • Connect the Q1 and Q2 terminals of the Azatrax detectors to individual s88 decoder inputs.
  • If you want multiple MRD1's to trigger the same response from the s88 system, then connect a single decoder input to the Q1 terminals of all those MRD1 detectors.
  • Connect an accessory power supply to all MRD1 and MRD2 detectors, terminals P1 and P2. The power supply should be 8 to 14 volts AC or DC.
  • When many locations are to be monitored, use MRD8 octal IR detectors as shown below:
viessmann s88 input wiring

Choice of software to control the s88 feedback decoder is up to the user. Azatrax does not provide software.
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