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Infrared proximity detectors with USB interface

USB A to B cable
USB type A to B cable

• Detect objects using invisible pulsed infrared (IR) light

• Simple computer connection via USB

• Use on model railway layouts and other process control applications

 Azatrax infrared (IR) train detectors with USB interface

  • Proven pulsed infrared detection is independent of room lighting, works in tunnels and hidden track areas
  • Each sensor may be configured to operate in reflective mode or interrupt mode.
reflective sensing
Reflective Mode
An object is detected when light from the IR LED is sensed by the IR photo receiver
reflective sensing
Interrupt Mode
An object is detected when light from the IR LED is not sensed by the IR photo receiver
MRD2-U Dual IR train detector with USB interface
MRD2-U  $29.50
MRD2-U dual detector
MRD2-S Dual IR train detector with turnout control and USB interface
MRD2-S  $43.50
MRD2-S dual detector

Deepwoods Software's Model Railroad System is a model railroad software package that supports Azatrax USB train detectors.
Do you write your own layout control software? is an open source C library of API's to read and write to USB devices for Linux, Mac OS, Windows and Android operating systems.
A similar C library is
For Java developers, a Java interface to the libusb functions is available from
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