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Continuous operation of model railroad display layouts.

Automatically run multiple model trains or trolleys on point-to-point or loop layouts.

back and forth plans
A back-and-forth shuttle of up to three model trains or trolleys on a point-to-point layout. Trains or trolleys automatically take turns running back and forth on the single track. More...

switchback track plan
Railroads use switchbacks to get their trains up rugged mountain terrain. The Azatrax SwitchBack controller will continuously run your train up to your mine or logging area and back again. More...

loop with siding
Two trains take turns running in opposite directions around a loop layout with a passing siding. Makes a great display of modern unit train freight operations, as a loaded train travels from a source industry to a consumer industry, then a similar empty train returns to the source industry. More...

two trains on single loop
Run two or more trains around a single loop of track. Trains circle the loop in the same direction. They automatically start and stop to avoid collisions. More...

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